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Gladis Clemente – Advocate Profile

Civic advocacy is in her blood. Gladis grew up in a small town outside of Acapulco in Mexico where her father was elected mayor not just once but three times. Politicians have a reputation for being rich and out of touch with their constituents in Mexico. Contrary to this, her parents came from a humble lifestyle and always stayed close to their community. Gladis remembers her parents explaining that she would attend public school because education is the most powerful way to change the world. Now, Gladis carries the lessons from her parents into her work with in the US. Gladis joined FIN in 2016 as an advocate because she wanted to work on closing the opportunity gap in South King County communities. Although being a FIN advocate was her first paid job in the US, Gladis has worked hard as a mother, volunteer, and advocate for education reform. Even in the last year, she has been organizing, speaking up, and making connections like crazy.  In March of 2017, Gladis participated in a FIN Government 101 training where she connected with Washington CAN, a local advocacy group. She’s since partnered with them to advocate for education reform like universal pre-school, increased funding for dual language programs, and support for immigrant parents.Meanwhile, she’s also become known in the FIN office as the go-to person for budgeting after she volunteered to learn about budgeting for the advocate program.

“We must educate people to change the system. Get them to see reality is on both sides....We must prioritize civic engagement.”
There are many issues she advocates for but ultimately, Gladis says the most important thing to get others to speak up as well. Over the last year, she has gained confidence and overcome her own barriers of public speaking in a mixed community. She thinks back to the first time she spoke in front of lawmakers in Olympia and knows how intimidating it feels. She believes that if more people speak up, lawmakers will listen – but the challenge is in getting people to talk. This is part of what makes Gladis such an effective community advocate, she sees the value in both helping people and working to change the system at the same time.  

Gladis wants people to know that it’s possible for people to create their own opportunities. The only way to make a difference is to walk through a door and become involved – ask questions and volunteer to help out. Anyone can make a difference in a community.


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South King County BDT’s-Outreach-Curso en español

South King County BDT's-Outreach – SeaTac Course in Spanish Orientation Date*: Wednesday August 02, 2017 5:30-9:00 pm *Attendance required to apply for the Business Development Training.

Class Dates & Time: Wednesday nights 6-9 pm, August 9-October 4 Spanish: ¿Usted vive al sur del condado de King y tiene una idea de negocio que le gustaría realizar? ¿Tiene un negocio establecido que quisiera crecer? ¡Véngase a la orientación gratuita de Ventures! Este verano 2017, Ventures y el Food Innovation Network ofrecerán esta oportunidad para empresarios en ¡SeaTac, WA! En una sola sesión, usted aprenderá de cómo el programa de Ventures le podría ayudar a crecer su negocio o su idea de negocio y tendrán la oportunidad de aplicar por nuestro curso inicial para empresarios de pequeños negocios. La orientación es el miércoles 02 de agosto 2017 de las 5:30-9:00 pm, y por primera vez la vamos a ofrecer ¡en SeaTac! La dirección de la orientación: 4040 S 188th St, SeaTac, WA 98188. Espacio es limitado y hay que inscribirse. ¡Más información e inscripción AQUÍ! O también se puede marcar al 206-352-1945 para inscribirse. Location: Lutheran Community Services NW: 4040 188th St., SeaTac, WA 98188 How to register: Online HERE or call 206-352-1945 (se habla español) Cost: Orientation is FREE! If accepted, $50, $100, or $200 class fee based on income


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