• Food Innovation Network - SeaTac Tukwila Washington

    The Food Innovation Network includes organizations, educational institutions, local government, and community working together to create pathways for health, wealth, and success through food system revitalization in South King County.

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  • Cesar Amaral, MX180 Nutrition

    Cesar Amaral, MX180 Nutrition

    “I’ve been on a mission to find a way to fight diabetes and obesity in the Latino community.” Cesar’s business helps people turn their lives around 180 degrees with realistic goals, personalized nutrition, and Mexican style meal options.

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  • Dieynaba Kouyate, Saran African Market

    Dieynaba Kouyate, Saran African Market

    Dieynaba has faced many uncertainties as a business owner, but for the past five years her shop has grown in its success and popularity and she dreams of a future where she owns a piece of land to grow and process African products locally.

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  • Elaine Brand, In Your Face Pie Company

    Elaine Brand, In Your Face Pie Company

    After closing two businesses she has finally found the support she needed. Inspired by her father's philanthropic heart and her daughter's career in the Marines, Elaine is beginning a pie company that will employ veterans.

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Jaqueline Garcia: Community Food Advocate

From Motherhood to Social Justice Activista At 31, Jaqueline Garcia is a force of nature. From empowering Latina mothers to small business advisor, it is motherhood that really fueled her ambition. Jaqueline left Mexico and a burgeoning dentistry practice when she and her husband moved to San Francisco. Intending to continue dentistry in the States,… Read more »

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