Ofelia cuts onions

FIN volunteers make meals for communities affected by COVID-19

FIN entrepreneurs are contributing their time and skills to make tasty, healthy meals for families and older adults who need them. Naija Buka owner Lilian was the lead chef for our first meal, with support from Mamá Tila owner Ofelia, Incubator Program Manager Kerrie, and volunteer Liyu. Check out our photo album, and watch a video we recorded in the kitchen:

We’re cooking up 500 hot meals each week, and we’re grateful to everyone who’s helping to nourish our community as we face this challenge together.

Our partner Linda Croasdill at the City of SeaTac Senior program reports, “The meals have been a big hit and everyone would like to give you and your support team a great big air hug and a really big smile.”

Huge thanks to our donors, who have collectively contributed more than $2,000. We also have great big air hugs for:

Our in-kind supporters 

  • Tilth Alliance is providing fresh, locally grown produce weekly
  • Macrina Bakery is supplying wonderful baked goods weekly
  • Project Feast is donating key ingredients, cooking dishes, and sharing much-needed kitchen facilities
  • Des Moines Area Food Bank is supplying dried beans and other legumes
  • FIN entrepreneurs, Incubator program manager Kerrie Carbary, and many of Kerrie’s neighbors have contributed ingredients
  • Cheri Mayer gave our kitchen and delivery crews homemade masks to support health and safety

Our chefs, meal packers, and delivery drivers

  • FIN entrepreneurs including Naija Buka owner Lilian Ryland, Mamá Tila owner Ofelia Anorve, Monique’s Hot Kitchen owner Monica Wachira, and Seatango owners Monica di Bartolomeo and Ariel Firpo
  • Community volunteers including Liyu Yirdaw, Theary Ngeth, and FIN Steering Committee Co-chair Ehler Win
  • Global to Local staff members including Abdi Hussein, Jonathan Sugarman, Katie Behrends, and Denise Miller

Our community partners distributing meals

Get involved

You can make a donation at bit.ly/FINmeals, or email Kerrie if you’d like to help in another way: kerrie@foodinnovationnetwork.org

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