Conference Reflections – Farm to School

At the end of last year, we sent several advocates to the Community Food Systems Conference. Here’s what they learned…

I learned about movement-building in food systems: the case of Puerto Rico, how people have the ability to sustain themselves, besides early colonial context, production, focused on exportation. Most of their produce comes from outside of the island. They are building a network collectively with people who want to work the land and have little or none knowledge of farming. Children start to learn about farming since first grade through third grade, they are bringing agricultural back and they are applying to math and science concepts. They are trying to influence in Public policy, GMO and pesticide regulation.

I also enjoyed Winona LaDuke talk.  She mentioned that abundance is the nature of life and discussed how to make America great again in the food access context. We need to farm something to feed our soul. We are interested in feeding the next generation of our people, this is where we will restore the food system.

More consumers are seeking farm-fresh food and more farmers,-especially small- and mid-size operations are profiting from these new markers. I learned that every year the USDA awards up to $5 million in grants to help schools connect with local producers and teach children where their food comes from.As a FIN member, I think we can look for partnerships in schools to provide farming support to the children.


Favorite Quote: “A country  that doesn’t produce  what it eats is not free”  Jesus Vazquez

Thanks FIN for such a great learning experience!

-Gladis Clemente, FIN Advocate

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